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italian ceramics

Colletable Ceramics
Lustres '500
italian ceramics - deruta painting overglaze
The Arts Majolica Boccini are sole or limited works made for an high decoration. The Master Luigi Boccini and his son Nicola Boccini are the only painters of the works. Since 1959 the Master’s works have characterized a particular graphic and decorative progress trending towards figurative details and high quality manufacture, also thanks to the research carried out on ceramic glazes and colours. Nowadays his works are considered real works of art.

The Signatures

Thanks to the vast experience and technical know-how of the world of ceramic artists, new works, as well as faithful reproductions of the most famous original ceramics, are masterfully created for those rare and passionate lovers of the best traditions of ceramic art of all time. All the creations are expertly made by hand, with the most rigorous respect to ancient techniques of form and colour. Productions are limited and each work is for collectable.
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... fine hand painted italian pottery from Deruta ...
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Handicraft productions and the “Majoliche for collection”

The pictures inside our site are only some of our principal lines. The handicraft production is composed of other lines which aren’t included. The “Majoliche for collection” have got a wide range of production. A lot of these very beautiful and sole works in the world ceramics production aren’t included. Master Boccini himself has decided it. For years we have been working together with designers, architects, Italian and foreign antiquaries. For honesty to them and their customers we don’t show commissioned and personalized works.