Italian Ceramics
Hand painted italian ceramics from deruta by the artist Master Boccini.
italian ceramics
Deruta ceramics by Boccini Nicola e Luigi
Collectalble Italian Deruta Ceramic

ceramica italiana doc
Boccini since/dal 1956

Master Boccini while he is painting his masterpieces on ceramic , which are the result of both long years of research and devotion to decoration on Majolica and of close studies of the raw materials (enamels, colours, clays)
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Big jar:italian ceramics
Big jar with reproduction "Gentili's story" H: 75 cm(italian ceramics)
ceramics plate
Reproduction plate from "Botticelli's Venere" with edge made to angels Ø 80 cm. (deruta ceramics)
italian ceramics
Jar with a reproduction of a warrior, Ø 50 cm (italian ceramics)
Italian ceramics, Deruta original traditions for quality home decoration or special gifts.
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The Master Boccini Luigi born on 14/01/1939 is an artist that reproduce faithfully in ceramic the classical masterpieces from the '500,'600 and the '800. After a period of training in an old craft factory of Deruta, thanks to his own natural talent for drawing and ceramics decoration, especially in the human figure, he started on his own. The Master Boccini likes to reproduce on ceramic subcjects from "il Perugino" and "Botticelli" (from whom he has a wide collection of prints) on plates, vases, tiles,or panels from various size. The elegance of the stroke and the beauty of the colors he uses for these reproductions, are beautifully uncomparable. The variety of the themes, painted and decorated, and their own singularity made them as a collection pieces. The Master Boccini works only with three colors typical from the old tradition of Deruta: blu, dark green and bright orange. From these colors he obtains all the gradations giving the impression that more colors are presents in the composition.
Ceramic lustres plate

realized by Nicola Boccini - Deruta Museum 2004

The Arts Majolica Boccini are sole or limited works made for an high decoration and high interior design. The Master Luigi Boccini and his son Nicola Boccini are the only painters of the works. Since 1959 the Master's works have characterized a particular graphic and decorative progress trending towards figurative details and high quality manufacture, also thanks to the research carried out on ceramic glazes and colours. Nowadays his works are considered real works of Art.

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... fine hand painted italian pottery from Deruta ...

"majolica pottery"
"Riproduzioni Antiche Majoliche Artistiche"
di Boccini Luigi
Via del Mazzacotto,3
06053 Deruta (PG) Italy
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>> various examples of italian ceramics...

Ceramic Lustres Pot with globe-shaped, wide neck "estroflesso" on high flared base, two opposite vertical handles. On the central part concentrical edgings and narrow ….., inside it a vegetable wreath with inflorescence. Above, between the two handles, a half-length and in profile portrait of “beautiful woman”, flanked with lengthened inflorescence, everything in an elliptical frame; the picture is on the opposite side too. Under, oblique "bacellature"; the pattern is repeated on the base. The inside is covered with glazing. Colours: blue, gold Lustres on glaze (see catalogue “DULCE AST AMARE” traditional italian ceramics of Deruta with amatory subjects).
italian ceramics
The Lustres Pot in production.(italian ceramics)